I still remember the day Facebook sent me an email suggesting I change my personal page to a business one. Me? A business? Nah. I was just a girl who wrote one little book. I mean, come on, I had less than four hundred “friends.” But I looked into it, and found that Facebook limits the number of friends a person can have to five thousand. Five thousand? Five thousand? There’s no way I’d ever reach that many, so what did it matter?

But my agent felt differently, and encouraged me to drop the personal page and present myself as an author instead. “Your readers will appreciate it,” she said, “And when you reach five thousand friends, and you will, those friends won’t appreciate being dropped and replaced by a page they have to now ‘like.’ Better to do it now.” I trusted her, and made the switch.

Well, a few days ago, the unimaginable (at least to me) happened. I noticed I had over five thousand likes. That’s five thousand people who follow every single thing I post on Facebook. Allow me a moment to freak out about that!!! To celebrate this milestone, and to thank you for being such loyal readers and online friends, I’d doing a giveaway. Enter below, and once again, thank you for making this week a great one!


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